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The Alec | Know Our Association

Our history

In 1992, businessmen from various segments of the business of leasing goods founded ALEC – Associação dos Locadores de Equipamentos para a Construção Civil (Landlords Association of Equipment for Construction).

In 1998, we began to work together with the integration of our industry representative bodies, government agencies, industry associations, trade unions and other associations. This effort led us to join the working group called CPR-SP, Regional Standing Committee, to which we provide technical and scientific discussions of standards.

In 2001, with the increase in the number of members of other States, we changed our name to a national level, going to ALEC – Associação Brasileira das Empresas Locadoras de Bens Móveis e Atividades Correlatas (Brazilian Association of Movable Property Rental and Related Activities).

In 2003, we moved to our current headquarters on Avenida Mandaqui, 67, in the Bairro do Limão in São Paulo, it was designed to offer our members courses, lectures and training with all the necessary infrastructure

ALEC seeks to expand its membership to become more representative in the Brazilian society, contributing significantly to the growth of the country and the continuing qualification of the sectors in which it operates.

Meet the ALEC and participate in our history.


  1. To defend the interests of the sector it represents.
  2. To stimulate individual and collective progress, as well as of its members.
  3. Disseminate technical and administrative knowledge among member companies
  4. To disseminate among its members and users in general, standards and legal/technical procedures applicable to the sector.
  5. Participate in discussions of technical standards governing the sector.
  6. To encourage and ensure the ethical relationship among its members and with third parties.
  7. To maintain exchange with similar national and international entities.
  8. Group members in technical divisions according to their interests and activities.
  9. Encourage the creation of regional centers of the Association.

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